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Why is lying a surprise? Washington and the current president have no problem doing it. Sports has been lying about enhancing drugs for years. Barry Bonds comes to mind. While this is a shame and a bad label on Americans, it is hardly a surprise. It's just a shame what sports has become and a stupid country that supports them every weekend in ticket sales. We are probably more to blame in the long run. We can either shut off the TV and not buy tickets or accept the problem and move on in life. The downward spiral has sped up to the point that I don't think we can stop it anymore, sorry that's just my perception. As it moves from pro sports to now college it will move to high school and lower over the years. Just a liberal im-moral sociaty (spell?) with no end in sight. The problem isn't a surprise, it's always about money!!!!!!! Tator, he shouldn't be in jail until all the rest before him go.
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