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The plug is made in Spain for CVA guns due to CVA not willing to change the plugs running & still running plug design that is supplied with the gun. Making another plug to buy is just a way to net even more profits. They do not make a special blackhorn209 plug for the Omega or any TC gun from Western Powders. I cant seem to find Western Powders affiliation with this plugs design or the making of it at all. It looks to be a cva product to me. Purchase CVA Blackpowder and Muzzleloading Products Online

Thompson/Center (T/C) unveils the first muzzleloader to incorporate a common 209 shotgun primer into an inline muzzleloader. This leads T/C to take its Encore rifle and tweak the existing design to become the first 209-primer, break-action muzzleloader. Thompson/Center continues to drive innovation, and, in 2002 The Omega was introduced first drop action inline. They pioneered this stuff others just copied. BH209 was trademarked in 2007 by western powders. It got to shooters hands by march 2008. The Omega got a redesigned plug around 2005 for pellet support & was the test gun for this 209 primer only powder this Co pioneered this 209 breech plug design. I would say it was planned in this case the powder was designed around this companies breech plug design after all they pioneered the design. I will say however I think it was not the intention of Western Powders to make a powder that only TC guns. With a TC designed breech plug could fire reliably. I think they admits to that in some small way as seen here under non compatible plugs or poor design. Ignition Guidelines Blackhorn 209

You can read more about TC & what they pioneered in the link below. They might not have pioneered blackhorn 209 powder but the powder was made for their guns for sure. It was designed around them mostly the Omega. TC inlines have this same plug design just upgraded a bit like quick release & so on but in a nut shell same plug. Rifle History - Rifle Timeline - Popular Mechanics
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