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Many years ago, CVA made a rifle called the Apollo. There are still some of them floating around in fact. Some of the early models had a faulty breech plug that would let loose and blow backward. The results were injuries and lawsuits that basically put CVA into bankruptcy. BPI (Black Powder Industries) purchased CVA and reformed the company. Chuck Hawks, and Randy Wakeman in particular do have safety concerns about CVA/BPI. The barrels are made in Spain. They do not require extensive testing of the barrels before they can be imported to the United States. In fact on the barrel is a pressure rating that technically would be considered unsafe with many of the current loads. Is that rating the top of what the barrel can take? I doubt it, because they could never settle the law suits. There are no regulations in the black powder industry that says you must test your barrels to this point. And that is what Randy Wakeman and others are upset about. Also they claim there were barrels that blew up but because of legal maneuvering, the facts of the incident can not be made public.

So the question is, are CVA, Beartooth magnum, Traditions, A&H, Winchester, Remington all safe? Since all their barrels are made in Spain in the same area and many are inter related to each other... Well those barrels are among the top sellers volume wise in the United States. I read the paper and have not read about a massive number of barrels blowing up. Anyone who does not take these rifles serious, can make a load that is dangerous. But it does not have to be a CVA to be dangerous. Even the better brands can be.

What I suggest is, if you have fears that the barrels are not safe, then do not purchase the products. I own a few guns some that the barrel comes from Spain like the CVA and many other rifles. I am shooting 100 grains and feel safe with it. I have shot CVA inlines and have shot magnum loads. They handled it fine. They are good shooters as well.
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