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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
You're forgetting the raped kids that Joe knew about.
There's only one person who "knew" what Joe knew about and that information went to the grave with him. So don't assume that you knew he had to know. What Joe "knew" was that there was talk and previous incidents, all cleared by State College police, so that the football program seperated itself from Sandusky. Remember now that Joe was an old man, and had a 30-year friendship with Sandusky. Only today do we abandon our friends so casually. Back in Joe's day friendship meant something, an honorable quality that is no longer with us. What Joe knew whas that they had to distance themselves from Sandusky as much as possible.

Also recall from the trial that the lad that McQuery saw being "fondled" did not come forward as part of the lawsuit.

Secondly, stop throwing emotionally charged terms like "rape" into the discussion. Sandusky was never convicted of raping anybody. Read the charges. The young person that McQuery eye-witnessed was getting slapped on the butt by hands, not intimate sexual contact. Clearly inappropriate, but not rape. You're getting yourself charged into a tizzy with such emotional arguments that hold zero truth.

And you've never responded to the question of why go after Joe, exccept for the media sensation. Obama knows that American soldiers are dying every day in Afghanistan, does that make him solely and personally responsible for their deaths? Hell, you know it too, therefore YOU are personally responsible. The sole responsibility lies with the person who saw and could immediately stop an ongoing "assault" and that was Mike McQuery. And what did he do? He ran away. Everyone after that is just an intermediary, and while they have some guilt for "not doing enough", they hold no accountability because they weren't there, they didn't see, and they ultimately did what they were required to do: they informed someone who should have acted, the police.

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