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You're forgetting the raped kids that Joe knew about. Also, I always held Joe to being one of college football all time great coaches so I'm not an anti Penn State basher. He knew there was a coverup, there's no denying it! Yes he should have done more, you and I would have because we know it would have been the right thing to do! He made a life's bad decision, we all make mistakes, however, our's probably didn't involve the knowledge of kids being raped. All of the people involved in the coverup are guilty. That's how I see it, doesn't make me right, but it's how I see it and that's good enough for me. I'm done with this as there are no other avenues to travel for me. All that are guilty should be tried in some manner! Joe went to his grave knowing the cat was out of the bag, may he rest in peace. I hope Penn State gets their house in order and comes back as a great college football program. Lets not forget the kids either, they must live a lifetime of horror.
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