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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
You cannot separate out one and not blame the rest.
And yet you are doing exactly that. All the blame is being put on Joe. The right answer is that the problem never even should have ever reached Joe. Mike McQuery should have ended it right there on the spot. And what about Mike's dad? Mike told him before he told Joe. Why isn't he being hung in effigy as a bad, bad father? Why didn't he do anything, and especially why didn't he do more? Why didn't he and Mike run right down to the State troopers or State College police immediately? The premise that the thread is about Joe is baseless since the problem never should have never even reached that spot.

Joe Paterno ran a squeaky clean football program that was more about raising young men than about winning. He graduated more players as students in one year than most programs did in three. His sole failure was he was an old school guy who didn't know how to handle an issue like this. And he did everything that was required of him. You're going to crucify a guy because "he didn't do more"? Then you better start lining up 99.99% of society.

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