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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
Paterno failed to protect the kids!
What's entirely funny about this whole argument is that all the blame is being put on Joe Paterno. Where's Mike McQuery in this? You know, the big, strapping manly football player who first actually saw the event in question? Has anyone subtracted his man card because instead of laying down a whooping on an old, feeble child molester, he instead ran away and waited until the next day to tell his father and then Coach Paterno. If you saw a crime in progress, and you ran away and the next day told your dad is your Dad now responsible for the crime, or are you at fault for doing nothing at the very moment the victim needed you the most? Mike McQuery is the one who is totally at fault here, and he has disappeared because idiots want to go after 'the big name". If anyone chased and arrested McQuery, there wouldn't even be a news case because it's not sensational enough for the media. Ah, but bring down PennState and the last great, true head coach by finding fault with one single act where he, an old man, didn't understand modern changes in social issues. That's where your media jackals will have a field day.

Originally Posted by spiker View Post
This report was from a former FBI director and ....
... and the report is still badly, badly flawed. The report investigator Freeh never even interviewed any of the main people, he worked off heresay. he got McQuades (er, McQuery) name wrong. really!?! Ex-FBI Director and you get people's names wrong??? he got the timeline wrong too. What, did he pencil-whip this report out one night after partying because he wasn't going to get paid if he didn't produce a report? Puh-leese.

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