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I still hope he burns in hell.Turning a blind eye to children being raped is disgusting.From the janitors,coaches,ad's,president,and paterno there all cowards.You dont worry adout your damn job you go and stop that kid from being raped.Mcquery(spelling) is the biggest coward on the face of the earth he coulda stop it.Where im from in New York you couldnt show your face if you let that happen,truly a coward.I dont know how you guys were raised but let me tell you something there lucky this wasnt my kid.These men are cowards who only cared about their football program and $$$$.Id shoot myself in the head if i turned my back on a kid being raped.I hope some corrections officer turns his back for a minute and then sandusky is gonna get what he deserves and although you may think its harsh in my eyes that corrections officer is a hero.Pedophiles and cowards who aide them and cover for them have no place on this earth.You talk about penalties for the school who cares these kids lives are ruined forever by a monster and bunch of scumbag cowards.
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