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Respectfully I disagree...

Let those that are truely perfect call that accusation. If he did know and purposely hid it - he made the wrong choice. Everyone makes wrong choices thoughout their lifetime. Just becuase everyone makes wrong choices dosen't make them all right. I have been a Penn State and Paterno fan my whole life - I do not hold anyone other than the Lord Jesus Himself in Hero status. Everyone other than Him will let you down at some point. As far as Joe - his side of the story cannot be told nor can he defend himself- therefore let it be. Tearing him down is only going to hurt his close family which is tearibly wrong in my view.

Regarding the punishments to the Unniversity and Football program - They do nothing to punish those guilty or liable and fully punish those that are innocent bystanders. Collge students at Penn State will not be able to cheer on there team at a Championship game for 4 years. The team will be less compettive because of this as higher caliber players will go elsewhere. They lost scholarship opportunities which hurt competitiveness. Students close to college years with a lifelong dream of playing for Penn State have had there championship dreams squashed. How is this fair. No one on the presumed guilty coaching staff is still their. Punishment for the sake of Punishment? How is that right to anyone involved? The collge community? Current and future students? Football Fans?

As far as sports go - I follow them less and less. I have had quite a few athlete letdowns over the years due to various reasons that made them not fit to follow or be a fan off. - Mark Mcguire, Sammy Sosa, Floyd Landis, Tiger Woods...

Spiker - Nothing personal and I will glady share a deer stand with you anytime!
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