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Originally Posted by tmac6361 View Post
Hi everyone, I have a quick question. I went to Bass pro today to buy a 20 gauge shotgun for my girlfriend to use this upcoming duck season. It will be her first time going with her own gun. She has shot a 20 gauge o/u at clay pigeons pretty well. She says that the 12 gauge is a little too much kick for her.She is also fairly new to shooting. She went out a couple of times with me last year and seemed to enjoy it. She is excited to go out with me this year and try for herself. Anyway, the guy at bass pro told me that the 20 gauge was not a sufficient duck gun for her to use? Is this true? My buddies dad told to make sure it was 3 inch and she should be all set. Any info would be great. Thanks
We hunt about 20-25 days during the missouri duck season, my 11 year old son as well as his 63 year old grandad both shoot 20 guages, my wife as well when she goes. You would be hard pressed to tell my dad as well as myself that this caliber is a poor duck gun. If you are shoting decoying ducks you will have no problem putting them in the water. I have seen countless amounts of ducks fall from a 20 guage. 4's in 3'' will do the trick with no issues. Isn't sufficient, I would challange that stement.
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