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Custom barreled 1:60 twist .54cal TC Renegade.

Got out to the 60 yard range first to do make sure everything was hitting center. First shot on a clean bore is pretty darn low. Shoot shot #2 which hit higher up but to the right. Made some adjustments upward and only a couple clicks to the left. Next 3 shots were perfect!

90gr Goex 2f, .018 pillow tick with some extra lube on them, homecast .530 round balls.

The front sight is really giving me some trouble, especially at the closer ranges of 50 and 60 yards. The front bead blends into the black rear sight and just making it hell on me. I plan on buying another Hi Viz fiber optic sight for this Renegade and then all should be okay.

Before heading to the 100 yard range, i took the rifle inside and ran a couple wet patches down the bore to swab out some fouling " Not not fully clean it out" before i packed up again and headed out.

The first shot hit really low, I was like, man! This first shot stuff is going to be hell to get used to. Second shot was an inch low of the bulls eye and off to the left a good bit. I thought this was odd, but again, that darn front sight i think is causing me some accuracy issues. I reloaded and took shot #3 and just smiled.


With a new Optic sight up front i believe she will turn out to be a good shootin rifle!
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