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I actually had to look twice to see what the big deal was about, the second look I could see a definite "squaring off" and that "Yeah Dude" look he gave the other kid. I'm like HM, I don't know the rules on this either, but I know you do Tator boy, and you are correct, the rules are the rules and the young man chose to ignore them. As for everything else you said in your post on this, DOUBLE DITTO 150%!! Same for you HM, DOUBLE DITTO 150% on your post too. On another note, the day has finally come, Peyton's press conference at 11:00 am Central time, 12:00 noon Eastern time. The Colt's are totally banking on 1, getting Andrew Luck, and 2, banking on him just stepping in and playing like a 10 year veteran. Talk about putting ALL your eggs in one basket. At one time Peyton said he would redo his deal to be incentive based, but I guess he had second thoughts on that. What a shame they couldn't get something worked out so he could retire a Colt.
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