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Harsh HS Punishment??

Well, as I always do, I check Yahoo! news everyday to see what's been going on in the world and some of the stories are interesting. Since I coach basketball, I found the video they had posted somewhat interesting because the title of the Yahoo! story was "HARSH HS PUNISHMENT". This takes place in Georgia. If you read the story on Yahoo! it makes the young man out to be a saint and that the referee was absolutely wrong to call this call. Plus, it even mentions that with this being the state playoffs the refs should've known better than to call this.... like time of the year matters?
I have a problem with this. This is exactly the problem with our young kids today. There are adults backing them up for their every mistake. Adults there to tell them, it's ok, you didn't do anything wrong. I have a HUGE problem with this because someday, when they make a mistake, there won't be anyone there to tell them it's ok and that they didn't really do anything wrong. What are we teaching our kids by condoning these actions and this attitude?
Maybe I'm the only one who notices this,, but our teenagers and even younger kids these days have no sense of what is truly right or wrong. Remember when we'd cheat on a test and get a ZERO for the quarter and our parents got called and there was a HUGE meeting about it? Well that was because we did something W R O N G. Now days, it's "you cheated, but please don't do that again". and that's it. There's very little punishment anymore. There's very little consequence anymore for our young people. I have often wondered... what will this mean in about 20-30 years from now? What type of Americans are being raised and how will they act when they are adults?
This kid in the video did something wrong. He may be a great kid otherwise and make all straight A's- who knows. My point is, good kid or not, he did something stupid and knew NOT to do it, but did it anyways. In high school basketball you canNOT taunt in anyway. Which even means starring down opponents. It's not like the NBA- (that's a whole nother chapter in my book!) In this video, first off remember the kid ALREADY has one Technical foul in the game. You get two technical fouls and then you're ejected and you cannot play the next game. Well the first foul this kid got was from locking arms with an opponent and not letting go.. the ref called a double technical foul. Which is common because sometimes (like in the real world) two people need to be separated and be told THAT'S ENOUGH!
Now, having played basketball all my life and having coached it and even reffed it a little bit, it doesn't take a genious to know that a ref isn't just going to be handing out technical fouls right and left. These two kids had to have been going at it for sometime and probably received other fouls and/or warnings from the refs about that type of play. Which they more than likely ignored until two T's were handed out.
In this video, This kid goes up for a dunk and then positions himself in a way where his shoulder are pointing to the player he dunked over and gives a stare down. If I were the coach on the other team, I would definately be upset if this was not called... it is taunting all the way

OK,, off my soap box now.

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