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Originally Posted by tomlightfield View Post
Yeah Tator, those poor guys will be feeling this for a while. But like with Cundiff, so he makes the kick, now the game starts ALL OVER AGAIN!! There's no tellin' if they would have won in OT. But the Ravens played a way better game, I felt they should have won.

I agree.... as much as I hate the Ravens, I have to admit, they played VERY well. It's just that the Pats are a "been there done that" team and when you have 5 super bowl appearances under your belt like Brady does, he's going to find a way to get there again.
I was really sad for the 49ers. They played their tails off this year. My question is this,,, why in the WORLD would you have the same guy return punts after that HUGE mistake he made earlier in the game? Comon',,, I know he's the guy who usually runs them back, but he barely had one hand on the ball that second time at the end of the game. I've always heard that ball carriers are to keep 2 HANDS ON THE BALL at all times until you are in the open field... well I guess he's "above that" huh? I can bet one thing... I bet if you watch ANY 49ers game next year He'll have TWO hands on the ball EVERY STINKIN' time... He'll also either fair catch EVERY punt OR at least try to catch the stupid thing.

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