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Originally Posted by Kansasdoe View Post
What do you mean by change your tactics? I've got tags left to fill too. I could use some tips. I plan on going out with my bow after the deer have had time to calm down a little after gun season gets over.
By now, the deer have you patterned. If you keep doing what you have been doing, you are not likely to do well.

Deer are hungry. They have gone through a rut period and cold weather has set in. In some areas you have snow. But deer still have to eat. Learn what the preferred food source is right now. If you live in farming country, what fields provide the most nutrition now?

If you have been hunting at first light of the morning, sleep late. Hunt from 10-2. In farm country, move back off the field. Hunt the trails leading to the fields and look especially for staging areas. Hunt them in the late afternoon. Catch the deer before they get to the field. hunt them where they will be while it is still light. Start hunting the thickest of thickets during the day. All but one of my stands are in places I can't see, let alone shoot, over 40 yards. Deer want security now. I saw three does this morning at 11:00 feeding in a small field next to the bank. Look for the unusual and unnexpected places.

28 days past the peak of your last rut, (probably around Dec. 24), you will find a few more does coming into estrus. Give that some thought and watch for it. The bucks are.

If you are in hardwood ridge country, look for slopes that have the most sun on them on cold days. And of course, if you are in parts of AL and other southern states, look for your rut to peak about January 7th.

If the deer are still there, those that are not totally nocturnal are wary. Just do the unexpected.
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