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HAHAHA! Primos has a new cam in the mail to me as we speak. They said it should arrive tomorrow. I think I'm just going to ebay it and be done with them. Now I'm torn between buying another D55ir or a bushnell??? anyone got a coin?? I still do have one WGI out and it seems to be doing half way ok. Maybe it's the 1 in 1,000 that actually works. But you can rest assured, the day it goes bad it's getting shipped back.

ALSO- for all you guys out there who are spending all your hard earned money on these trail cams, don't waste your time with the warranty card. All these companies have a 1 year return policy and I have yet to produce a reciept or fill out a warranty card. They have never asked me how old the cam is either. In my eyes, the cam could be 5 years old and if it stops I'm calling the company and demanding a replacement. TO ME, $150+ is alot of money, and if I'm going to pay that, it better work a HECK of a lot longer than just 5 years or so. NEVER NEVER NEVER just put the cam away and think they won't send you a new one because it's 2 years old or whatever.... CALL THEM, they want your business. I can't think of a business right now in the hunting community that is MORE competitive. IF they hastle you,,, tell them you're going with another company from now on. Just my opinion guys, to me, it's worth getting a new one shipped to me. I don't have $150+ to throw away,,, even if it was purchased 5 years ago.

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