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Primos Truth Cam 60

Hi y'all... Sorry it's been so long since I've been on here... summertime is hectic for me and I stay plenty busy. Got done cutting, raking, bailing hay early last week which I'm thankful for b/c the past two weeks have been scorcers for Missouri. Temps around 100 w/heat index around 110.

Anyways, I'm writing today in regards to my Truth Cam 60. Does anyone use this camera? Here's my problem... the past two times I've went and swapped out memory cards, the camera has been turned ALL the way OFF when I get to it. No one has access to it, that was my first guess... I know all these trail cams have "sleep mode" but does this cam turn all the way off when on sleep mode? When I approach my camera, I walk straight up to it. It should take at least 1 picture of me approaching it. It doesn't. There is over 50% battery life left on it too. I'm wondering if this is a defect or if this extreme heat is causing it to do funny things. Personally, it's really ticking me off b/c with 3 trail cams out I have yet to see one decent buck. The only buck I've seen the past 3 months is a button buck! Get this, the only does I've been seeing is last year's fawn does. I don't get it. I'm not doing anything differently this year and it has me worried. Don't know about you guys, but my adrenaline gets going 100 mph when I pull those cards and when I look at them and see NOTHING to write home about, it takes the air right out of me... Like someone done shot my dog or something. ha. Irritated..yes, majorly.

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