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I don't have a Gamemaster, but I do have the Model 740 Woodsmaster in .244/6mm Remington. BTW - the above link didn't work, so I thought I'd add this one --
Model 760 Gamemaster Pump Action Centerfire Rifle

Mine's a semi-auto vs the pump action 760. Con's? A bit heavy for a "field" rifle (my opinion) Pro's? Consistently puts the rounds right where you aim them with no mechanical malfunctions. (See Gallery for proof) Not bad for a rifle made the year I was born (1957). <grin>

Range? Remember - any weapon is only as accurate as the nut pulling the trigger. .308 is easily effective from 300-500 yards (and more) with a little (or a lot of) practice.

Note on the .244/6mm Remington. Great article in the August 2011 "American Rifleman" from NRA - "What About the Other 6mms". I've been touting the advantages of the .244/6mm Rem over the .243 since joining the forum a couple years back. Now someone in "authority" has backed up my so called "claims". =|:-)
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