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HM..........It really has nothing to do with quality based on who buys what gun. They sold a lot of Edsel's too.

I think CVA sales were hurt by one past gun. Those weren't Bergara barrels. I'm not sure you're aware that some TC owners put Bergara barrels on their guns. It's a fine barrel that isn't going to blow up. CVA guns come with Bergara barrel NOW! Judge the gun we buy NOW!

I'm not knocking TC guns, but they aren't the holy grail either. I had problems with mine. I don't listen to rumors, or what others say about a gun. I experience it for myself, and report what I experienced. Nobody has to believe me, but I just tell the truth with no agenda.

You probably shouldn't talk about a Hawken with me without a little more knowledge. The barrel you describe was a swamped barrel. The outside of the barrel tapered in the middle to save weight. The bore was straight. As far as i know Hawken didn't use a swamped barrel. Maybe on special order, but they're barrels were just straight tapered. Usually from 1 1/8" to 1". Hawken wasn't concerned with weight. Most of the guns weighed from 12-15 lbs.

This is the next Hawken i'm building.

Kit Carson

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