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Of course we all have our opinion. We also rag on each other in fun, because we like different brands.

In this case i'm not talking about rumors. I talk about my experiences in owning the guns. I know that CVA has had problems in the past. That doesn't mean in applies with the new models.

Even though the Wolf is a lower priced gun. It's CVA's best selling gun. That doesn't work for a gun that isn't any good. No matter what the price is. Buyers/hunters want a gun that works.

The Wolf has the same trigger and receiver that the Optima does. It has a Bergara barrel. It's not stainless steel (which I don't like), and it doesn't have the final polish that the Accura does, but JB will solve that along with some shooting. Mine shot right out of the box. A sub MOA @100yds is impressive to me for an y gun. My Omega never did it after trying a ton of loads. The Wolf did it with the first load.

The Omega had blow back. The Wolf has none. The Omega had creep in the trigger and a 6lb pull. The Wolf has no creep, and a 3 3/4lb pull. Thw Wolf has an excellent recoil pad. No reason to change it. The Omega pad sucked, and I had to buy a Simms Limbsaver pad for it.

The ramrod fell out after every shot on the Omega. The Wolf doesn't. The Omega shot BH 209 with no alterations. So does the Wolf.

The Omega bruised my cheek with hunting loads. It just didn't fit me. The Renegade is even worse. The Wolf fits me perfect, and hunting loads don't bother me. The Wolf is lighter than the Omega, and has less recoil. (?)

For the same price, the Wolf came with a nice gun case, Konus Pro scope, Durasight mounts, and bore sighted.

TC is now owned by S&W. Will the service be the same. There is none right now. They're moving. Not a guess. I've talked to them on the phone. They said I couldn't talk to tech for 3 months.

So, tell me HM. What part of TC is better?
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