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In all do respect Muley, I hear so much crap about CVA's that someone has to try to balance the facts a bit here. CVA made some of the biggest junk ML out there for many many years, you know it and so do I. I have owned many ML rifles over the years and currently have around 8, and can/will offer some insight as to quality vs quality. I don't own a Wolf model so you get your kudo's for that model. You won't be able to convince me that a low end CVA is anything close to a TC product. Sorry but that's the way it is. Your opinion is just that only your's. We (all) get that much here. We can argue all day and nothing will come of it. Be happy with your new rifle even if it is a CVA. If I had my choise I'd have a $4000.00 custom Hawken in the vault and not worry about standard production rifles. This old topic is going to get interesting again, I think.

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