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The input is always welcome. I had just about every thing out there also, Lyman, CVA, TC, Knight, custom Hawken flintlock, even a Hatfield flintlock but true history says CVA was world's behind TC products for over 25 years and that's what bothers me with buying a new CVA product. That may not be the case today, however, the Knight, Triumph and FireHawk will shoot 1" groups all day long. These aren't off a rest it's shooting off a block of wood. I now have a fancy dancy rest so my groups should shrink. Sub 1" groups is great shooting by anyone with a ML'der, I think most barrels will shoot better than the shooter behind them. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, pick what trips your trigger, no pun intended. Muley it's good to have something you like and are happy with, congrats. That goes for you too FG, glad you're happy with your new toy. Now I would like to add an AH 50 cal mountain flintlock rifle to the vault, they look pretty nice and have outstanding wood.
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