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I'm sorry guys, but the Wolf I just bought is the best inline i've owned so far. That includes the Omega and a Vortek UL.

It's a shooter right out of the box. Sub MOA @100yds. I wouldn't have believed that if I wasn't shooting it. The trigger is miles ahead of the Omega. I haven't had to modify a thing except to put a thicker o-ring in the FP housing. Took about 30 seconds.

I know I ragged on CVA in the past. That was from the Accura V2 and Optima I used to own. This little inexpensive Wolf is a hell of a gun, and shocked me it's so good. I won't be selling it in my lifetime.

I got it with a mounted and bore sighted Konus scope. I won't selling it either. As good as any i've owned, and i've had a bunch.

I'm no fanboy for any kind of hunting gear. I just tell it like it is.
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