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Now that's funny BB, Some day FG will wake up and buy TC and live happier ever after and end his torment and frustrations, but then what would he have to do all day....? Hunt, fish, enjoy life, no more tinkering. I guess a life filled with CVA on your mind all day/night must be a heavy burden to carry around. Maybe in another 10 years or so CVA will catch up???? Most likely though, your mind will have turned to mush. My advice, stop the pain and suffering now before it's too late. Have a yard sale, 3-4 for the price of 1 just to get rid of those demons.
....Here comes the story of owning 12 TC rifles and all were junk, had to switch to CVA just to get one decent rifle, all this before his 28TH birthday. I hear it coming watch out BB my deflectors are up and on high power.
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