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i agree putting a break in the dam will work but its illegal in some states and the channel set will work if u put it in then put a stick of a decnt sive over the 330 then they have to go beneath the stick and like he said wham. but your best bet would be to make a castor mound and put a beaver castor lure on it then put a #4 or #5 foot hold trap below it in the water and throw a cinder block out in deeper water wired to a stake on dry land then when it steps on the trap it will catch the foot then it will swim down the wire to the cinder block and quickly expire also the trap is connected to the wire by a universal swivel and i use 11ga wire mostly cause you can buy it at any hardware store and cheeper then from trapping suppliers and for every thing you need send for a catalog or go online to minnasota trap line products and they can get you every thing you'll ever need im not advertising its just what i do
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