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Serial number on my "oldie" is on the right hand side of the frame slightly above and behind the trigger. It's a Remington-Rand with the serial number dating it back to late '43 to early '44.

Yup, lots of these jewels were made over the years, lots more during the 'war' years.

But the M1911 has been called the 'Greatest Pistol in the World', serving our country's military for almost 75 years before "someone" decided that it needed to be replaced by the current M9-9mm. Seems like "someone" forgot the reason we went to the .45 cal round over the .38/9mm in the first place. There's a definite reason that most law enforcement now uses either .40 or .45, something that "someone" should consider the next time "they" decide what is best for our troops.
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