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Angry HTC manufactures poh

HTC manufactures pohnes that also use the new Windows Mobile 7 system in fact, they just released a couple of new pohnes using Windows.However, HTC was the first cell manufacturer to use Android (on the T-Mobile G1) and has been the most prolific supporter of the system. Due to HTC's successes, Morotola, Samsung, Sony and others have jumped on the Android bandwagon in a big way.The Desire HD is a terrific device. The specifications are very similar to my HTC-built Google Nexus One (which is no longer available). The screen is large with great resolution, it has every other feature you would want, along with a faster processor that you'll find on the iPhone.The major difference from the Desire is more internal memory and a higher resolution camera (8 Mp vs the 5 MP on the Desire). My Nexus One has a 5 MP, and the pictures and videos are incredible, so I can imagine how good they look on the HD.There are more that 80,000 apps and items available on the Android Market. Many are free and even the non-free apps are usually low cost.Don't follow the iPhone lemmings and settle. Get the Desire HD.

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