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the more i think about it tator.

seeing we don't have the deer pop to make finding sheds at least a little better, i do know that there is an island on the lake that use to have lots of deer on it and the boy scouts use to go pick up sheds here in nh. hunting is allowed there now so i'm not sure of the deer pop now.

the guys in md, del, and jeresy, find most of there sheds on properties that hunting isn't allowed. parks, areas of dense housing, and many people don't allow hunting deer but don't have a problem with people looking for sheds. or on QDMA properties just like the properties the pros find their sheds on.

then there are the pro's places, like lee and tiffany's, the kiskey's, and the drury's farms. which are sanctuaries and the deer will stay there, not need to, or want to leave.

the common thread here is areas that are protected form hunting, which the deer will find.

do you have any places like that in your area that you can gain access to?

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