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ronn, right now just my fishing buddy and I are for sure. Trying to get 2 more.
Usually my son goes, but he and girl friend are moving to Ill and setting up house keeping/college . This lake has 2 major rivers feeding it and has several connecting smaller lakes with huge weed beds. It also has major rock hazards and the bottom has deep 90' drop offs that come up to 6' shelves like right now, watching the fish finder makes you sick. We have several 20+ lb pike from Fushimi Lake. I hooked and lost a potential 30lb a few years ago which would have been on the wall! It also has walleye and perch too which the locals fish for. From Toledo Ohio it's a 14 hr drive. It was close getting the company to ok 2 supervisors to go on vacation at the same time this year, a lot of new upper management and they just don't understand priorities. Looks like a trip to Bass Pro is in order!
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