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Originally Posted by tator View Post
Anyone have anything they do special to find sheds? When I'm out searching for them the thought that constantly goes through my mind is "this is like finding a needle in a haystack".

What really ticks me off is watching those hunting shows and they find TRUCK LOADS of them. I'm talking 100's and 100's of them. COMON' REALLY <--- I yell
Ronn I wasn't even going to reply to your post but I think it's best for me to shine light on your misunderstanding to what I posted.

If you Re-read the "Quote" and then Re-read my "REPLY" to the quote you'll see that the Quote AND My Reply was about televison shows not about Md., De., or New Jersey shed hunting BUT you might also notice that in my reply I said "I bet there are some public places in this country where sheds are a little more plentiful but nothing like they show you on television."

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