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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
I think you need a day job to keep you occupied some more, way too much range time... Or you could change gun brands and have time to hunt, fish Just kidding there. You know if you would have started with TC products you would have to find another hobby as you simply just shoot them no tinkering required. I've said prior, CVA fans will find something useful with all your tinkering, I'm just glad I started out with TC. Now get back to the range and do you have night lights rigged up yet?
I know you like TC and all, but the info of never having to mod or tinker with a tc just isnt the truth. Mike Bellm makes a living fixing the mess ups that come out of the tc factory. Weather is is the 4.5lb triggers the encores come with, or loose hinge pins, weak lock up springs, TC's certainly have their share of issues that need tinkered with. Like with all guns, not all are bad, you just get some that need a little extra love in certain departments.
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