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FG, that's a lot of info the average hunter isn't going to do and really should not have to do. You definately like tinkering with CVA's. The thing is I've never have purchased a bad shooting ML. I remember right from the start my TC Firehawk would shoot 1" groups from a wooden block on the bench and shooting a maxi-hunter bullet. Now if I shoot it from a adjustable rest it most likely would be a lot tighter. The Knight Extreme, TC Triumph, and Firehawk will all shoot 1" groups at 100 yds, without a fancy rest, so I have to ask why so much tinkering on the CVA's to get them to shoot what others can do with out messing with them. I know you like to experiment and see what your rifles can do which is great, I just don't understand what it does for joe hunter and his next ML purchase? It either says don't purchase a CVA because they need a lot of attention or you can get a lot more from your CVA that others can't only if you are handy with tools. I'm not sure I understand all the CVA stuff but I'm sure many appreciate your information regarding the CVA ML. Purchase a TC ML and just shoot it.
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