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nor was I
I just can't figure out whay a company that has a reputation like Remington & winchester would put their names on garbage Remingtons cameras & feeders are the exact same thing as wildgame innovations
I own one remington ot is a 1942-45 20 semi "the sportsman" & I love it
but if I was just getting into hunting didn't know bands & purchased one of these cheap camera or feeders ect.... I would tell you I would never buy one of their guns
I know this is off the subject but just explaining my other response
I have nothing against Rem. they are fine products & Don't believe everything you see or read

something like this happend with the Ruger LCP (dropped & fired) also nobody got hurt but they recalled all & reworked the guns. Ruger does drop test to standards (think it is dropped from five feet or so) but someone supposedly was working on their roof or somewhere high like that gun fell & fired.
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