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GPR came in today!

After scrubbing the bore clean and then JB pasting it, i took it out to 50 yards with 100gr JSG 3f, .015 patch and .530 round ball. Didn't group well at all.

Was going to call it quits but then remembered i had some thicker .018" pillow tick patches in a little tin than were unlubed. Poured down 110gr JSG 3F, stuck the patch in my mouth and sucked on it, grabbed a ball, laid the patch across the bore and rammed the ball home.

Took 2 shots and they were touching! I didnt even use my lead sled today and i pulled it off LOL.

Took 2 more shots with 100gr JSG 3F and the same tight patch combo and ended up with 1 1/4" group.

Not bad, but just like the last GPR i had, a powder pig!

Even got a mold too which looks to be a heck of a lot better quality than my Lee mold.

I got some loads ready for the morning of 110gr American Pioneer 3f, .020" patch and .530 round balls. We'll see how that does off the Lead Sled .
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