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Moultrie D-55IR vs. Wildgame Innovations IR4

I have posted various reviews of the Wildgame Innovations IR4 camera. This should be a big eye opener for any of you who are considering a good camera to buy. This is a true story:
I had my Wildgame Innovations IR4 camera on a tree for 2 weeks. I had the camera set to take still pictures. In those 2 weeks I had 2 pictures! The spot it was in was a really good deer trail. That same day I went back out to the field (very disgusted) and RIPPED the camera from the tree. I was a little hot headed. That same day, I decided to do an experiment. I placed my NEW moultrie D-55IR camera on the EXACT same tree. I told myself I would wait 2 weeks and compare the performance. Maybe this trail wasn't that good... maybe. After 4 days I couldn't wait anymore. I went and checked my Moultrie cam and had over 350 pictures!!!!
If that's not a sign of how horrible these cameras are (wildgame innovations) I don't know what is. I have two of these WI cameras. Both are IR4's. My other one 'was' a good camera for awhile. I went and checked it today and the camera had completely shut off by itself. The battery reading showed that it still had 2 bars left, but it kept shutting off because the batteries were getting 'low'.
Listen fellas, DO NOT waste your money on Wildgame Innovation cameras. They are JUNK. I'm seriously trying to save you guys some money. Tell your loved ones this as well. You don't want these cameras in your woods. I wish I had never bought one. It's been my experience that 1 out of every 6 or 7 Wildgame Innovation cameras actually work and last like they should. Trust me, I've been through that many. I've only boughten 2 of the cameras EVER, but have sent them back to the manufacturers multiple times.

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