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Originally Posted by charliealley View Post
I had the an old camera tripod that the mount was broken. I cut the camera mount off leaving only a 1 inch post. a trip to the hardware store I got a 1 1/2" PVC pipe Tee. cut the thing to leave the U shape. A reducer,also PVC that would fit the tube on the tripod and the pipe Tee and your in business. it will take some sanding to let the Tee spin on the reducer but it works great. Is fully adjustable from about 1 1/2 ft. tall to eye level standing. everyone who has seen the thing has been very impressed. If your interested I'll try to get you some pictures. the thing would cost less than $20 if you had to buy everything.
I left the mount on mine and just attached some side pieces we had at work and the tripod was something I aquired for free so im in it $0 lol.

The tripod does work great and love the adjustability and its compact!
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