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TG, I have heard about Anise oil and its critter attracting ability. I did pick up a bottle of locally made lure which porbally has some in. Most of my sets are location based trying to catch them in there natural travels.

After a week of trapping I have caught two muskrats and one mink. The mink is a really nice looking and I am contemplating having it mounted. hes in the freezer while I debate this but most likely it will get pelted and sold. I haven't got the urge to try one of the rats. If I knew it was fresh maybe but by time i find them they have been dead for a few hours then they sit in a cooler while at work and are skinned later that night. I've been saving the carcasses for mink bait.

Some friends have had a recent beaver invasion and are losing a couple trees a night so friday night I will be setting the beaver traps. Saturday is opening day of gun season - busy weekend. I'll put some pictures on hear when I get them loaded on the computer.
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