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The instructors at the course said that the leg hold traps do not cause any suffering if set correctly. Obviously they cause pain when the trap snaps shut but quickly shuts off circulation and the foot/legs goes numb. This is what leads to some critters chewing off a foot, they cant feel it so they keep chewing away. NY, in my part of the state we are required to check the traps every 24 hours, and they should be checked early in the morning since most target animals are most active at night. This cuts down the time spent in the trap. They also said to approach traps with the wind to your face to avoid spooking them too much. Snares are illegal in NY but the instructors said that we should expect them to be renamed body hold traps and be made legal again as they kill the animal quickly. Theres also new ways that snares can be modifed to limit the chances of catching cats and dogs, however they should not be used if the chance of catching a pet dog exist. When next year rolls around I hope to be able to post some experiences of my own.

Theres always going to be exceptions, just as in hunting it dosen't always go the way we would like it too.

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