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Any Trappers here?

My brother and I took the trappers education course so we could begin trapping in NY. Up till now I know very little about trapping other than what was in the class manual. A lot of information was gleaned from the instructers of the course and many thanks go out to those who volunteer to teach the Hunting/Trapping education and safety classes.

Most trapping seasons are closed or winding down here in NY so I've got the untill fall to get ready to give it a go. It should be interesting since most seasons overlap with deer season. (juggling time will be even more challenging). The furbearrs that I would be trapping would be muskrat/mink, possibly beaver for aquatic species and primarly cannines on land. I might try for racoons also.

I'll be in the market for traps and places to purchase them. I'll be looking for 110's body grippers for mink and muskrat and 2.5's for cannines. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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