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I have been a Trout fisherman for years. It depends on what type of fishing you like to do. I like to fish with a spinning reel and fish spinners and the best that I have found are Roster Tail and Panther Martians. I fish with a 6 to 6 1/2 foot rod with 6 to 8 pound test depending on the size of the stream and what size of spinner I use. If you want to go after some big trout get the Rapalas out. Cold water use the sinking ones warmer wheather use floaters. Silver and black on sunny or clear water and black and gold on cloudy skys and water. Or use others to match the bait fish.
And when fishing with them you have to work them make them dance is what I call it. Cast out and while you are reeling it back in twich the rod so the lure gets good side to side action and do it 3 or 4 times and stop and go. Make it look like a wonded fish.
I have caught up to 12 pound Brown Trout doing this out of strerams.
Mister Twisters work good also white in the winter and black in the summer and green when the hoppers are out.
If you ever make it to Vernon County Wisconsin look me up and I will put you on to some nice trout. I used to do some guideing here and have a good steam 300yards from the house and the West Fork of the Kickapoo 2 miles from my place.
Best of luck
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