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I also am upset by some of the post in this thread. It is very obvious that each hunter on hear has there own set of ethics. While some of the post go against my ethics I believe everyone is entitled to there own set of ethics. To add some balance to this thread and for those that may still be forging there own ethics I will breifly discuss mine. I have been deer hunting for 10 years now, since I was legally able to (that makes me 25). I believe that there will never be a final conclusion to the caliber question but I do think that every hunter should use a bullet that will do its job quickly and effectively. I also believe that the shot that should be taken is the highest percentage shot. The largest vital zone is the heart and lung zone. This is the only kill zone I will shot at. Why? Deer hunting isn't just about killing deer to me. Neither is it about killing the biggest buck in the county. I strive to make quick kills that show respect for the deer I am after. I am always in the "Bow Hunter" mode. I want to be as clsoe to the target animal as possible. Even when carrying a gun, I want to be close. I do not condemn those that take long shots but I do feel that it cheapens the experience and blurs the lines of hunting and shooting. (I'm not looking for an argument here from anyone that may disagree). The expereience I take away from the hunt is by far the most rewarding part about hunting for me. What it boils down to is, get as close as you can and take the high percentage shot. Other than that I let them walk and try another day. (sorry if this post is too long and scattered, just had to get it out)
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