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Now as far as this friendly (I hope) argument goes, I have to agree with Ronn. Sure you can kill a deer or even a larger animal with a 22 head/brain shot, but no matter how many times you can shoot those tiny groups at the range with that caliber, it's still not a good choice for a real hunting situation. Look, at the range, there aren't nearly as many variables to make things go really wrong, really quickly. And, of course, you can't wound a target! No matter how you cut it, a bigger caliber does leave a little more margin for "error" or the unexpected in that regard. I, too have seen deer that had their jaws shot off. I can't say whether the hunter who did this had taken a head shot, but again, that shot has no margin for error, and, even though I'm trying really hard NOT to, I can't finish this post without saying that caliber or that shot is not ethical, in my opinion.
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