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Arrow Your best bet would

Your best bet would be to get a stainless baerrl. If not, whether the baerrl is chromed or not will not make a bit of difference. There is far too much hubub and marketing around chrome lined bores. If the rifle you want has a chrome bore great, but don't make that the reason you pick that rifle over another.Edit: all the downward thumbs is a prime example of how this issue is wrought with more passion than logic. There have been numerous tests done to show that non-chrome bores last just as long as chrome bores. As for baerrl life it's a moot point. Sure chrome won't rust, so if you're the type that doesn't like to clean your rifle after a day at the range, then get chrome. But if you are interested in accuracy look at baerrl quality. A well-finished chrome-bore rifle will shoot better than a roughly finished steel bore AND a well-finished steel bore will out shoot a poorly finished chrome bore rifle. The whole chrome lined sales pitch to any civilian is nothing short of a gimmick. Anyone that believes otherwise has been duped.I have several AR platforms with several rifles with stainless baerrls, non-chromed baerrls, chromed baerrls, cold hammer forged baerrls, etc. I could put anyone, with any level of experience, on any of those rifles and they wouldn't have the slightest clue as the to baerrl type they were using.Looked it up I'm cancer moon, pisces sun, virgo rising .

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