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I considered shooting a brown horse last week. No one I txted said they would help me skin it though.

AR gives 4 deer tags, 2 bucks max but all 4 can be does. That tells me that someone might need to shoot a doe. Me and my daughter have killed 4 hehe (She shot one with each Pappaw in her first year with a gun, I am a proud pappa). Her 2 were bigger than mine, and I saw a white faced Grandma doe a couple afternoons ago that I wish I would have killed instead of that last yearling doe. So I see where the legal choice isn't always the best.

I just try to teach her everything that I know. Be patient, know your shot, know what is behind the target, know who is around. I am sure there will be mishaps along the way. I just want her to think about deer and love shooting them and never stop learning.

That's why I am here grudgingly learning from my elders have have seen more deer seasons than my 30 years.

Deer hamburger helper sure is good too.
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