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I think you're correct... LOL
All I was saying was, if it's legal, why shouldn't anyone, youth hunter or adult hunter be allowed to shoot it?
I don't think ANY legally harvested deer requires a reason to harvest it.

Just imagine your son or daughter (any Youth Hunter) taking a deer into a check in station,,,
Proud as a peacock , whether it's the youth's first deer or their 21'st deer
And they begin to get interrogated by some State official probably a Biologist on why they shot that legal deer.
You can bet your butt whether it's my kid or not,,, I am not going to stand by and watch anyone get drilled by anyone else because they shot a legal Deer.

The Brown is down mentality ( "IF It's brown it's down" ) means the person doesn't care what it is (buck, doe, fawn, cow, moose, dog, etc. etc.)
they're shooting it no matter what..
Hence the saying if it's Brown (Brown being the Only Stipulation) means kill it.
Whether that hunter has the proper tag to tag it with or not and that's Illegal

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