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thanks. I wasn't preaching just putting out food for thought. I've shot little deer, button bucks, nice bucks, and does. only one was a "i didn't mean to take that deer".

Believe me I know how hard it is to take any deer in nh not to mention a big ole buck. even with the "preaching" i'm a "if you are happy with the deer you shot, and you must be you shot it, i'm happy for you". The first legal deer would be down for me if I hadn't taken a couple in pa. I know not everyone can go to where there are lots of deer. now, i will pass a doe with the bow and it would have to be a good buck for me to take it with the rifle but only cause i got some in the freezer. if it were empty thats another story. really i'm trying to beat anyone up. if its a legal deer and you are happy, i'm happy. its the bigger picture i guess i see now, after 40 years deer hunting, rather than years ago, and my goals, i'm sure, are different than the next guy's. the four stages isn't something i made up, its a know fact after looking at the goals of long time hunters all over the country. I'm not perfect and things don't always go the way i would like. most times i settle with what i given when it comes to deer hunting, but i strive to do better, be better, learn more, and do whats best. by bringing up shoot the right deer for the right reason i hope that it gets others to thinking about why they shoot what they shoot, regardless of what it is. does that make any sense?
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