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good. glad the post didn't get hi-jacked. You are right, try as we might to get the perfect herd here in nh, vt, me, is for not if we get a bad winter. I didn't say i wanted to decide if someone else should take a legal deer or not. I'm saying some thought into why that deer, and because its standing there isn't a good reason. its his/her first deer is a good reason or it may be my only opportunity, or i need to be at work so i got to get something into the freezer. there are tons that could apply. I would like every hunter to think carefully about; first, the animal as a group (management), second, the effects on hunting as a life style, or whatever you want to call it, sport but i don't really care for that term, and then themselves as an individual hunter. It comes down to shooting the right deer, be it a doe or a buck, be it 10 does, the first legal deer or whatever.

passing deer here in nh and in vt is a very hard thing to do. last year i passed on 4 deer with the bow but ended up taking an immature buck one that i had passed earlier. why? time was running out and if i remember right that was the last deer i saw until late bow season. it comes back to another post i posted. I think more thought needs to be put into hunting by hunters so that we are not thought of as just murderous neanderthals just blood hungry by those that don't understand hunting. and shooting any legal deer is the definition of if its brown its down. if its an illegal deer that another can of worms.
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