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The thread wasn't hijacked this is the issue the poster was concerned with.
I don't believe anyone but you Ronn has referred to the Brown is down mentality. We're talking about taking Legal Deer, be it Bucks or Does we're not talking about shooting anything that walks BUT if it happens to walk in front of a Licensed Hunter who can Legally tag it, why should they let you decide what they can shoot rather then let their tags decide what they can shoot.
Ronn I totally understand your position and I get just as frustrated here in Vermont as you do in NH,,, and I'd love to be able to call the shots based on what I observe in the woods but each state has experts that determine Where, When & What gets hunted.
I only hunt small portions of Vermont Our state officials are just about BEGGING hunters to shoot more Does a lot of hunters refuse to cooperate in taking Does because they're stuck on their own theories of management.
So now with Vermont being over-run by Does is it wrong for Vermonters to harvest them? No.
You and I ronn may never see ideal hunting in our states EVEN IF by some miracle NH or Vt. became perfectly balanced in a year or 2,,, You and I both know it only takes one Severe winter to get it right back to the way it was. It's not only the hunter harvest that affects the hunting in our region, sometimes It's a compilation of a bunch of things. We can't always blame hunters who harvest Immature bucks or Does for the issues Vt. and NH have to deal with.

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