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i disagree. it isn't necessarily being a good steward.

example, in nh they are trying to build the population of deer. thats why the very limited doe season, 2 days where i live, less in other areas and only on the sea cost where the habitat is shrinking do we have more than a couple, days 7 there i think. we only have that cause to many people would just not hunt, and a loss of revenue. so is filling your tag with a doe being a good steward? no its not. now can i understand why someone would fill their tag with a doe? heck yea i don't hold it against them for doing so but only because it is legal. so this is a case where shooting a immature buck is better than shooting a doe, again each state is different.

i don't care what anyone says "if its brown its down" is wrong, it will always be wrong, and i will never say its the right thing to do. its understandable, but its wrong and wrong headed. it says one has no regard for the wildlife and the future of hunting. it says i'm gettin mine no mater what it is. its selfish. that's the mentality that drove the numbers of deer in this country so low. shoot'um all, thats tradition to the inth. it took laws to try and put a halt to this and have people wake up and realize that more care and thought should be given to hunting, as hunters.

anyway sorry the thread got hi-jacked enjoy the hunt
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