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In my state its get what is offered to you if you want some meat for your family. I agree that conservation should be followed to achieve a better herd , but If I waited for my state to manage a better herd I might as well quit hunting.It will not happen in my life time and I already pay the F&G to asses the herd yearly and if they say its OK to shoot what ever is legal then I should take advantage of it.As for those who wait for an old giant because they say its better management then my hats off to you. As for me I'm well fed and I'm getting my moneys worth out of my already costly license.To wrap it up I'll say to all of those who say that I'm hurting the deer herd by taking out 1 1/2 & 2 1/2 year old bucks put a sock in it because I'm doing what my F&G says I can harvest legally.
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